The Scrims

The Scrims are a five-piece authentic, rootsy, tasty folk band from Melbourne Australia.

Authentic, rootsy, bluegrass and swing. Real tasty. Previously "The Scrimshaw Four", The Scrims are a high energy, Folk/Bluegrass band from Melbourne. Featuring Banjo, two Guitars, Violin, Double Bass and Stomp-box their live show will make your feet fall off from dancing so hard. Described as “Gypsy Doof Doof” The Scrims have been busking and performing almost in every location possible, up and down the coast of Australia, there isn’t a show where these five young men wont get everybody up and jiggin’ around. The band’s talent for writing quirky songs with a dark tone, all the while keeping a happy beat that gets the dance floor going has gained a huge following around Melbourne and Australia.