We had music to keep you dancing all weekend from a wild bunch of artists playing everything from folk to funk to freaky space jazz.

8foot Felix

As legend has it the 8 Foot Felix passed through a Bermuda­ triangle time­ portal to arrive in our modern times. The crew of this 18th Century vessel are dedicated to mastering every musical genre they can wrap their ears around.


Sometimes good men do bad things….. VulgarGrad bring you the old songs of the Russian thieves (called blatnie pesny or blatnyak), along with punk classics of the Perestroika era and a strong dose of contemporary St. Petersburg swearing ska.

Medusa’s Wake

Medusa's Wake have been causing quite a stir since they broke on to the Sydney music scene in mid 2015. With a sound rooted very much in a Celtic Rock style based on old Ireland and Australian folklore.


They call him a singing poet, a balladeer, convict punk or just redgum revived.

Lagoon Hill Zydeco

A fun and dancey Hobart based zydeco band with hints of country, gypsy jazz and blues

The Vegetable Plot

Ladies and Gentle stems, bulbs and girls, it's thyme to SHAKE YOUR STEMS, DO THE JUMPING BEAN and TWIST AND SPROUT with the freshest bunch in town!!

The Stragglers

Ratbag bluegrass and boozy folk tunes.


A colorful character from a mountainside Forest of Ukraine. With playfulness and an open-heart, Tovaresh is a highly interactive performance of, rhythmical accordion and cheeky flute. Together Hrechko and Yanoff create an atmosphere of joy and wonder, felt by many.