We had music to keep you dancing all weekend from a wild bunch of artists playing everything from folk to funk to freaky space jazz.

Frank Yamma

Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia's central desert. An extraordinary songwriter and an exceptional guitarist, he has an incredible voice, rich, deep and resonant.

The Ramshackle Army

With five years and countless shows, across two continents under their collective belts, THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY, have steadily built a cross genre following which has seen their name appear all over the world.

The Scrims

The Scrims are a five-piece authentic, rootsy, tasty folk band from Melbourne Australia.

Lagoon Hill Zydeco

A fun and dancey Hobart based zydeco band with hints of country, gypsy jazz and blues


Mocane are a Neo 70's Soul/Rock renaissance with a Pop/Funk edge


JENSEN's genre can best be described as a melting pot of Alternative Folk Rock

Ruben Reeves

The RR Band delivers heartfelt peace songs for the apocalypse, with a fusion of blues and folk punk this wild band of hairy locals are not to be missed.

The Dead Maggies

From folk clubs of Scotland, to punk warehouses of Indonesia, and the Australian festival circuit (Falls, Spiegeltent, Port Fairy, National Folk Festival), The Dead Maggies have been spreading their tales of Van Dieman's Land's dark and oppressive history, in the form of lively folkpunk music. Catch this rare local gig before they head off to Europe again.

Grim Fawkner

Grim Fawkner is an itinerant minstrel, whose acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful balladry, with elements of blues, pop & indie thrown in.

The Stragglers

Ratbag bluegrass and boozy folk tunes.


They call him a singing poet, a balladeer, convict punk or just redgum revived.

Justin O’Garey

With a powerful soul driven voice of smoothness and husk, Justin can make it sound as if he's just swallowed a cup of golden honey or just eaten some gravel as a snack.


A colorful character from a mountainside Forest of Ukraine. With playfulness and an open-heart, Tovaresh is a highly interactive performance of, rhythmical accordion and cheeky flute. Together Hrechko and Yanoff create an atmosphere of joy and wonder, felt by many.

Yesterday’s Gentleman

The old is new again with Yesterday’s Gentlemen. These swinging lads are out to prove your suits, ties and dresses are good for more than just weddings and funerals. They’re for dancing the night away in!

Dylan Eynon

Dylan composes, sings, and blends finger-picking blues rhythms with a little slide guitar, harmonica and the occasional loop.