We had music to keep you dancing all weekend from a wild bunch of artists playing everything from folk to funk to freaky space jazz.


Sometimes good men do bad things….. VulgarGrad bring you the old songs of the Russian thieves (called blatnie pesny or blatnyak), along with punk classics of the Perestroika era and a strong dose of contemporary St. Petersburg swearing ska.

Friday & Saturday

8foot Felix

As legend has it the 8 Foot Felix passed through a Bermuda­ triangle time­ portal to arrive in our modern times. The crew of this 18th Century vessel are dedicated to mastering every musical genre they can wrap their ears around. In the five years since their official launch as a band, this raucous ball of sea­ soaked ska, funk, gypsy, hip­hop and blues has gained a reputation for setting dance floors on fire.

Friday & Saturday

The Vegetable Plot

Ladies and Gentle stems, bulbs and girls, it's thyme to SHAKE YOUR STEMS, DO THE JUMPING BEAN and TWIST AND SPROUT with the freshest bunch in town!!

Sunday only

Blunderbuss Jones

Have you ever seen a flaming trumpetist? What about a rolling club jugglist? Flaming trumpets and one wheel club juggling you ask? That's an impossible task!

Roving and kids show Saturday

Chris Coleman

Evocative folk narratives, crowd-silencing vocals, and a jovial rock’n’roll showman performance

Friday only

Ville Karvonen

Local lad Ville will soothe the soul.

Saturday only

Black Swans of Trespass

The Black Swans of Trespass explore non-traditional uses of the five-string electric 5 String banjo, with double bass and drums.

Saturday only


DENNI is the collaboration of Tasmanian artists Denni Proctor and Jamin Pariyar – bringing good vibes and a few mates to the stage.

Saturday only

Warren Mason

Warren is a proud indigenous man with lines to the Yorta Yorta and Yuwaalaraay tribes and will be sharing music and stories about healing. 

Saturday only

Thomas Mitchell

Well respected nationally for his versatile musicianship, captivating percussive guitar style and original songwriting, Thomas Mitchell plays electric the way one should and acoustic the way one shouldn’t.


Artists and producers Sara Wright and Lisa Campbell-Smith have developed the “HIDEOUT”.  An interactive imaginarium inside The Apple Shed for children and the young at heart.

Sunday only

Little Bear

We will dazzle and delight you with timeless ballads, passion fuelled tangos, sumptuous rumbas and intricate storytelling.

Sunday only

Meyers & McNamara

Violinist Rachel Meyers and accordionist Dave McNamara boldly combine Klezmer and other Jewish music with experimental instrumentals and original compositions.

Sunday only

Mike Noga (ex Drones Drummer)

Conceptual folk rock ‘n’ roll.

Friday only

The Bootleg Gin Sluggers

New Orleans street Jazz and Blues ensemble. With swinging, singing Banjo and Bass & a fluid line up of horns and the tip-shop tingle. They ain’t no tidy jazz band: its all about wailing horns and good times. It’s never the same show twice!

Friday & Sunday

The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble

Rogue Folk act The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble is regarded for providing beautiful music with intense lyrics. A mash of musical poetry that blends vocal rants and hauntingly sharp harmonies with influences from Folk punk, Blues, Lithuanian and Folk rock. Take heed. Live performances are aggressive, fast paced, and at times confronting.

Friday & Saturday


They call him a singing poet, a balladeer, convict punk or just redgum revived.


Lagoon Hill Zydeco

A fun and dancey Hobart based zydeco band with hints of country, gypsy jazz and blues

Friday & Sunday

Rueben Reeves

The RR Band delivers heartfelt peace songs for the apocalypse, with a fusion of blues and folk punk this wild band of hairy locals are not to be missed.

Friday & Saturday

The Dead Maggies

From folk clubs of Scotland, to punk warehouses of Indonesia, and the Australian festival circuit (Falls, Spiegeltent, Port Fairy, National Folk Festival), The Dead Maggies have been spreading their tales of Van Dieman's Land's dark and oppressive history, in the form of lively folkpunk music. Catch this rare local gig before they head off to Europe again.

The Stragglers

Ratbag bluegrass and boozy folk tunes.

Friday & Saturday


Tovaresh is a colorful character from a mountainside Forest of Ukraine. With playfulness and an open-heart, Tovaresh is a highly interactive performance of rhythmical accordion and cheeky flute.