A slew of our Tassie mates and a few blow-in from the Mainland.

Welcome Ceremony with NITA Education

Proud palawa people Trish and Craig share their connection to milaythina (Country)  so that we may all connect with each other and protect, conserve and prosper together.

Fri 7.15pm - 8pm Paddock Stage

Willie Smiths Burning Man

Burning Big Willie

Burn baby burn

Friday 7.15pm - 8pm


Better start learning the lyrics. Old Apple tree we'll wassail thee.

Saturday 7.15pm - 7.45pm

The Dead Maggies

A raucous combination of folk-punk and cow-punk, The Dead Maggies formed after the death of Maggie Thatcher and burst onto the Tasmanian music scene in April 2013. Since then they’ve garnered national airplay on Triple J and Radio National and been feature album and in the charts of community radio stations including 4ZZZ, Three-D, 2BoB and Edge Radio.

Saturday 10:10pm - 11:00pm Paddock Stage

The Ramshackle Army

With five years and countless shows, across two continents under their collective belts, THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY, have steadily built a cross genre following which has seen their name appear all over the world.

Friday 10:05 PM - 10:50PM Paddock Stage

Claire Anne Taylor

Claire Anne Taylor Band

Taylor's voice is the stuff of musical legend’  – Canberra City News. Claire Anne Taylor crafts soulful folk songs that are alternatively lush and intimately earthy. Born in a barn built by her parents in Tasmania's ancient Tarkine rainforest, Taylor’s music is reflective of her wild and remote upbringing. 

Saturday 5.30pm - 6.30pm Apple Shed Stage

Kudo Joy

Kudu Joy

Hobart Based - chilled pop groovers, with jazz-soul trimmings.Sabine started performing with her musician parents when she was a kid, learning to sing traditional songs from across the Balkans with her mother. After studying Jazz at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart, she went on to form a band for her original songs in 2018.

Saturday 3.20pm - 4.05pm Paddock Stage

Hot Potato Band

Larger-than-life brass collective with a good dose of hot positive coastal energy.

Friday 9.00pm - 9.45pm

Baba Bruja

Baba Bruja are Tasmania’s only all original Afrobeat collective. Featuring some of Hobart’s best loved musicians, our 6 horns and scorching hot rhythm section are raucous, colourful and groovy as all get out.

Sunday 11.15am - 12pm / 12.15 -1 Paddock Stage

Canning Duck

Distilled in the oak barrels of Launceston Tasmania, Canning Duck seduce the pallet with sharp blues notes, subtle whispers of funk and an electrifying undercurrent of pure, unadulterated rock n roll.

Saturday 8pm - 8.45pm Paddock Stage

Slaughterhäus Surf Cult

Slaughterhäus Surf Cult are a three piece garage outfit from Hobart that have been working since 2018 to develop an identifiably Tasmanian sound. Their third and most recent EP, 'Since Tyson Called Me A Bitch', is an accurate representation of the band's live sound and energy, with each song offering an introspective look into Australia's southernmost state.

Saturday 9.05pm - 9.50pm Paddock Stage

Barefoot Nellie

Barefoot Nellie is a mixture of traditional old time mountain music and Americana. Weaving the traditional sounds of the fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar with sweet vocal harmonies. Barefoot Nellie creates an atmosphere of excitement and warmth, evoking images of log cabins, wood-smoke and unrequited love.

Saturday 8pm - 8.45pm Apple Shed Stage

Django’s Tiger

Django’s Tiger perform swinging gypsy jazz in the French style of Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Featuring Charlie McCarthy on violin, Harry Edwards on lead guitar, and Isaac Gee on double bass, this trio will share some up tempo bangers and some slow delicate numbers to punctuate.

Friday 10.15pm - 11.00pm Apple Shed Stage

Jed Appleton

The young, rising star of the nu-folk revolution has been hard at his craft for years, fascinating crowds mixing a unique blend of dynamic rhythmic stylings on the parlour acoustic alongside smooth but powerful textures from his raw vocals accompanied by strong lyrical sense far beyond his 21 years. The minstrel has captured the ears of many, from street corners to sold out venues all across the world supporting the likes of Passenger, Matt Corby, The Cat Empire & Stu Larsen.

Saturday 2.15pm - 3.00pm Paddock Stage

Saucy jack

Saucy Jack and His Ripper Band

Saucy Jack and His Ripper Band are a traditional jazz band playing music from the 20s and originals inspired by music of the 20s.  Saucy Jack can be anything from a trio all the way up to a large dance band.  Featuring some of Hobart's best jazz musicians, Saucy Jack is lead by Tasmanian composer Joseph Richards.  With a focus on fun and danceability Saucy Jack brings the party vibe.

Saturday 4.25pm - 5.10pm Apple Shed Stage

Ange Boxall

Ange Boxall

Ange Boxall embodies the spirit of the modern Americana star – with a 1970s singer songwriter heart. Her very own style of country-folk-pop is dreamy, crystal clear, and wickedly catchy. 

Saturday 3.30pm - 4.15pm Apple Shed Stage

Stranded Wailers

The Stranded Wailers

The Stranded Wailers are a ragtag group of mates from southern Tasmania who sing songs about sailing, whaling, and drinking whiskey. Their raucous atmosphere, occasionally accidental sweet harmonies and love of including their audience in their shows have made them festival favourites at previous events.  

Saturday 4.30pm - 5.40pm Apple Shed Stage

Ross Smithard and Up Jumped Trouble

Ross and his co-conspirators on banjo, guitar and banjo-uke, dish up a mix of toe tapping, foot stomping traditional and contemporary old time tunes and songs with a focus on Ross’s original fiddle tunes. Lyrics optional !

Saturday - Roving

The Grief Ensemble

The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble

Rogue Folk act The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble is regarded for providing beautiful music with intense lyrics.


Hrechko and Yanoff, colourful characters from the mountains of Ukraine will be roving around the festival on Saturday night playing rhythmical accordion and cheeky flute. 

Saturday Roving

The Ukes of Hazzard

The Ukes of Hazzard

The 9th Best Country and Western Uke band in Southern Tasmania. Playing the songs no one else will and like no one else does. Get your four string fix with the Ukes of Hazzard! Here’s what some people have been saying about the band: “Most of their songs are really short” “| think | recognised […]

Roving Saturday

Mt Blues

M.T Blues

‘Matt and Troy have been performing festivals, live music venues and private functions around the state for the past seven years. Drawing influence from the early Masters of the Delta Blues, Matt and Troy have created their own unique sound. Matt plays traditional style Bottleneck Slide and Finger Picking Blues on vintage Resonator and Acoustic guitars. Troy's passionate and compelling vocals will take you on a musical journey back in time. Playing a mixture of original compositions and covers ranging from the 1920's thru to the modern era, they will leave you wanting more’.

Friday 8pm - 9pm Apple Shed Stage

The Wallaby Track Bush Band

'The Wallaby Track Bush Band is Hobart folk singer Dave Elliston and his musical mates conjuring up a lively, acoustic, traditionalish, danceable sound while playing classic Australian songs about shearers, drovers, convicts and bushrangers.'

Sat 10pm - 10.45pm Apple Shed Stage

Clover Hitch

Clover Hitch is a three-piece band who play nautical and Irish infused music with pizazz! Ange on fiddle and vocals, Matt on guitar, ukulele and vocals and Anna on bodhran, guitar and vocals.

Sunday 12.20pm - 1.20pm Apple Shed Stage

Wolfe and thorne

Wolfe and Thorn

The Wolfe and Thorn play an eclectic mix of traditional Tasmanian folk music entwined with contemporary influences. The duo delivers a mix of entertaining banter combined with lively music. With Emily Wolfe on fiddle and CC Thornley on banjo, you will not be disappointed!

Tasha Zapala

Tasha Zappala

The tremolo-steeped folk of singer-songwriter Tasha Zappala winds through a heavy fog of ill-luck and reverie.  Rambles of street corner solstices, mystic palms and bad dreams carry the listener into a hushed eve where the moon is full and the crooning is sweet. 

Friday 5.00pm - 5.45pm Apple Shed Stage

Four d’Fiesta

If you’re looking for something with classic lines and a ton of horsepower in a compact package, look no further than Four d’Fiesta. Sporting a 4-part, close harmony engine under the bonnet, Four d’Fiesta is fully fueled and ready to rally. Custom-tuned suspension and nimble handling makes Four d'Fiesta the perfect vehicle for your next acapella adventure.

Sunday 3pm - 3.45pm Appleshed Stage

Little Pine

Lilly Sideris and Greer Mackay as “Little Pine” share through storytelling lyrics, their recent relocation to Tasmania from the Northern Territory. Both multi-instrumentalists, they combine mandolin, fiddle and guitar, bringing to the stage an air of relaxed folk. With a new take on old time songs, they entwine instrumental covers with original music.

Friday 5pm - 5.45pm Paddock Stage

Mangus & Co

A striking performer, Mangus combines his boisterous guitar and growling vocals for a rambunctious show of old and new jazz and blues.Influenced by jazz, blues, finger-style, and slide, Mangus’ performances have allowed him to captivate his audiences, including those at The Falls Music and Art Festival, MONA FOMA, The Festival of Voices, Cygnet Folk Festival, The Junction Arts Festival, TASTE of Tasmania, Festivale, and innumerable and regular appearances on Tasmanian stages, as well as receiving national radio airplay and international album sales.

Friday 9.15pm - 10pm Apple Shed Stage

Moonshine Collective

The Moonshine Collective are a modern Contemporary Jazz group based in Hobart, Tasmania, featuring Finn-Gabriel Moonshine Bacon on guitar, Sebastian Folvig on bass, Tristan Meffre on saxophone and Chris McGuinness-Terry on drums

Sunday 1.40pm - 2.40pm Paddock Stage



A singer songwriter based on the Sunshine Coast.  Naize writes music from the soul, drawn from her own deep experiences of love and loss.  The stuff we all experience – love, loss, heartbreak, grief, sex, infidelity, abuse, rape, social & cultural anxiety, and the desire for revolution.

Sunday 11.15am - 12.00pm Apple Shed Stage

Southern Lights Big Band

Debuting in 2019, Southern Lights Big Band is a 20-piece big band for talented community musicians of all ages making the big band style accessible to the wider community.

Friday 8.30pm - 10.30pm Artists Tent

Teresa Dixon & The Deep Blue Sea

From one side of Bass Strait to the other, singer-songwriter Teresa Dixon plays emotive, gritty, alt country & folk songs of love, loss & hope. Her music tells stories of the healing power of nature, place and reflection with some self-deprecating songs about drinking and failed love thrown into the mix. Showcasing her gravelly voice and multi instrumental talents on banjo and guitar she will be joined by renowned fiddle player Hannah Morrell and accomplished double Bass player Hamish Stevenson.

Friday 6.15pm - 7pm Paddock Stage

The Mentolists

THE MENTOLISTS - Putting Mento to the Ska IMAGINE a universe where banjos were never usurped by guitar? Where the banjo was kept at the forefront of Jamaican music, and evolved. THIS is what that sounds like

Sunday 3pm - 3.45pm Paddock Stage

SouthSide Steppers

The Southside Steppers bring high energy performances and downright awesome vibes wherever they go.On the stage or marching, the Steppers make everyone wanna clap, dance and sing!

Sunday Roaming

Trey trashes

Trey Trashes Winehouse Band

Amy Winehouse like you've never heard before!  A queer reimagining of the music of Amy Winehouse, presented by Enby Drag Monarch Trey L'Trash, with musical director and Queer Goddess Stevie McEntee. An exciting live show, featuring a killer nine-piece band, back-up singers, and choreography that’ll get you up and grooving. It’s time to celebrate the life and music of Amy with a whole lotta flash, trash and glitter! 

Saturday 9.45pm - 11.00pm Artists Tent

Madame Tulalah

Let all your tomorrows come at once with a visit to the mysteriously mechanical Madame Tulalah's fortune-telling booth. Drop a coin in her slot, pop on your headphones, and take a few minutes to marvel at the Madame as she speaks from the confines of her box. With a trick or two up her sleeve, she’ll guide you through a visual and auditory journey into the realm of prediction, divination, forecasts and the occasional technical difficulty. Please note, your future is for entertainment purposes only.

Friday and Saturday Night

The Page and Cup – Readings

As the year turns, it is time to seek answers that will guide you through the dark and into the light.  Mumma Bear and Honni will be providing card and pendulum readings throughout the festival. 

All weekend


Tamas Story Telling

Tamas is a skilled traditional Hungarian storyteller. His Roaming Trees Storytelling platform has seen him grab audiences on the international stages of Europe and Australasia, re-telling folk tales, myths and legends in his uniquely engaging way.

Sunday 12.20pm - 1pm Artist Tent

The Salt of the Urth

Expand your mind and your soul and experience the Spirit world with Reiki certified energy healing practitioner, intuitive medium via energy work, mysticism, focused attention, sound healing, guided meditations & energy centres workshops and more. Energy is everything. See where your energetic blockages are be it emotional, mental, physical and release them with the intent to heal your mind, body, and soul. Transform so you are able to step into your own power and manifest your true desires. Energy Healing also promotes relaxation and reduces stress.  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Wayfinder

The Wayfinder Mobile Story Studio is a place where stories are shared. We invite you to come and have a conversation about your own experiences of metamorphosis. What kind of creature do you transform into in the depths of winter? If you like being a fly on the wall or you love eavesdropping, come and sit by the fire and listen in on the conversations happening inside the studio.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Our Mate Jules

Giver of good vibes.

Roving all weekend


The Storytelling Oracle - developed by The Roaming Trees.

All weekend

The Flaming Piano

Our mate Bruce will be lighting it up with his 'Wild Willie' flaming piano. 

All weekend

Social Cirucs

Social Circus

Our mate Bruce will be lighting it up with his 'Wild Willie' flaming piano. 

All weekend