Huon Valley Storytellers Slam - Saturday 17 July

Once upon a time, before the world became as it is today... folks gathered by the fire to share stories. Storytelling was an art; the teller, a weaver of words painting pictures in the minds of the listeners. And everyone had a story to tell...

Tassie's Preeminent Storytelling event!

2021 Tassie Tellers

Your host for the evening – Young Dawkins

Young Dawkins is a published poet and storyteller.  He believes the palawa have it right – we are all strands of the same universal story.

Judge – Helene Thomas

Of the famed ‘Wayfinder’ – a mobile storytelling studio to collect personal stories and craft them into beautiful audio packages for people to listen to.

Teller – Greg Wells

Greg Wells is a Hobart-based Singer-Songwriter and Southwest wilderness guide. His time in the Southwest has given him a wealth of experiences that come forth in his storytelling.  His storytelling speaks of Tasmania, its wilderness and people, touching on the inspiring, adventurous, funny, and challenging moments of life. 

Teller – Kate Boden

A weaver of tales, observer of oddities, and interpreter of reality, Kate’s story telling is bound to surprise. She’s crossed genre lines and continents with comedy performances in Europe, being a quiz master in Moonah, and news reader on radio; “quirky” is the only way to describe her unique worldview.

Teller – Laura Panopoulos

"Laura Panopoulos has performed throughout Tasmania at events such as Poor Man's Pot, Huon Valley Storytellers Cup 2019, Australian Poetry Slam State Finals, and Party in the Paddock. She currently facilitates and hosts the monthly spoken word event Silver Words Poetry which is open to anyone with a love of words, performance and community.

Teller – Rosemary Cann

Rosemary Cann is a poet, playwright, and advocate for all things sad-girl-pop. Between her love of true crime and the driving range, it's incredible that she scrounges enough time to write the eviscerating lyrics that have rocketed her band, The Broken Girls Club, into the spotlight.

Teller – Stuart Addison

Stuart has been kept in strict home detention since his last appearance at the Willie Smiths storytellers cup.  Allegations at the time included: nudity, foul language, misconduct pertaining to an inanimate object, and attempting to incite a riot.   Stuart's main goal this year is not to be disqualified for the 3rd time!At the time of publishing, it is believed Stuart will be reciting a series of Shakespearean monologues whilst making no attempt to escape a vat of Willie Smiths Traditional Cider. *Willie Smiths would like to thank a reluctant Minister for Tolerance & Neurodiversity (via the Glenorchy - Huonville prisoner exchange program) for making this performance possible.  We ask that you leave no Hay Bales unattended during this event.

Teller – Tamas Oszvald

An international performer of folk tales, legends, and myths. For Tamas, the reason to tell stories is to nurture his audience as a community and to invite them for the co-creation of something transient with a potential long-term imprint, while learning together about what does it mean to be human.