Young At Heart

For the young and the young at heart.

Sunday is family day and a rollickin good time. 11am - 4pm


The Vegetable Plot

is an internationally award-winning band on a mission of Love and Peas. Serving up a bumper crop of catchy tunes, colourful characters, sweet harmonies, dances, jokes and truly rotten puns, this soilful bunch will plant seeds of inspiration in your hearts that will blossom for years to come. Their music is earthy, funky, funny and organic, offering plenty of goodness for adults to sink their teeth into while the little ones are broccing out on the dance floor. So come and meet best buds Aspara Gus, Ru Barb and Sir Paul McCarrotney as they show you why people all over the world are joining their joyful conspiracy.

Artist Tent Sunday
11:15 AM -12 PM -Uke Workshop 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM”

Social Circus

We’re bringing the circus to you on Sunday with Social Circus!
Dabble in juggling, diabolo, devilstick, hula hoop, stilts and more!

Sunday: All day


Tamas Story Telling

Tamas is a skilled traditional Hungarian storyteller. His Roaming Trees Storytelling platform has seen him grab audiences on the international stages of Europe and Australasia, re-telling folk tales, myths and legends in his uniquely engaging way. He says he tells stories so that he can nurture his audience as a community, but even better, can create with them something transient that also has the power to make a long term imprint. His end goal is not to just tell a great story, but to learn with his listeners about what it means to be human.

Artist Tent Sunday
12.20 AM -1 PM –


Terrain Puppet TheatreIbis19/02/2021photo by Peter Mathew


Meet Ibsen, the world’s first rubbish-collecting ibis. In a revolutionary new initiative, he has been trained to pick up rubbish and neatly deposit it in the nearest bin. But on launch day everything goes wrong, with hilarious (and messy) consequences. From its island home in Tasmania, Terrapin creates worlds of creative adventure beyond the borders of contemporary puppetry. The company’s in-theatre productions transport children and families to incredible places with narratives of adventure, humour and beauty. Terrapin’s interactive installations use simple technologies in dazzling ways to make audiences of all ages essential creators in transforming public space. 

Sunday – Roaming

Pelican Puppet Theatre

Laugh with Mr. Punch in his colourful adventures. Join in as this cheeky glove puppet sticks his large red nose into everything and then finds a way around the consequences. Meet his wife Judy and their baby. Then there is his friend Zac the clown, as well as Docs, Crocs and other puppet characters. Nothing gets in the way of Mr. Punch having fun. Zac “˜n’ the Box. When Zac the clown is left a magic box to look after by his uncle the Wizard and, at the same time trying to organise a cake for Mr. Punch’s birthday you have a recipe for laughter. Add a French chef, a swagman, the wizard, and mix thoroughly. Watch as the magic box causes mix-ups, muddles and magic. Other puppets Lots of characters to interact with the audience or wander the crowd. Pythagoras the Pelican on the lookout for his tea and a Jester looking for jokes, plus skeletons, horses, dinosaurs, clowns and more entertain young & old.

Artist Tent Sunday
1.15 AM – 1.45 PM 

Salt of the Urth

Anyone can learn mindfulness and the sooner the better. On Sunday we invite children of all ages to come and learn via sound healing & mindfulness workshops how to stay grounded, how to handle tricky emotions and how to reflect, relax and ease busy growing minds.  

It’s going to be a magickal weekend.” 

Poems for Trade/Salt of the Urth
Sunday Roaming